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Fun winter activities to keep you moving: Bowling

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Winter weather doesn't mean you can't keep up with your exercise regimen.   WQAD News 8 is partnering with ORA to show you how to stay active.

Matt Randazzo and Kory Kuffler hit the bowling lanes as a way to get active. And they realized they weren't the only ones.

"I'm not sitting in front of the TV," said Jesse Goswick. "You've got to get out in the winter because that's when you put on all your weight do if you're not out here active."

Bowling keeps you active, but can slow you don't without the proper precautions.

A doctor's advice? If you don't do it often, warm up first and get your body loose.

George W. Bush delivers pizza to Secret Service detail, calls for an end to the shutdown

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Former President George W. Bush called for federal lawmakers to “put politics aside” and end the government shutdown in an Instagram post Friday that showed him giving pizza to his Secret Service detail.

“@LauraWBush and I are grateful to our Secret Service personnel and the thousands of Federal employees who are working hard for our country without a paycheck,” he wrote in the post, with a photo of himself bringing his detail boxes of pizza.

“And we thank our fellow citizens who are supporting them,” Bush added. “It’s time for leaders on both sides to put politics aside, come together, and end this shutdown.”

Bush’s post comes as the shutdown is in day 28 with no sign of a consensus in sight, as talks between President Donald Trump and Democratic congressional leaders stall amidst partisan snipes.

Secret Service agents, charged with protecting current and former presidents and their families, have remained on duty throughout the shutdown — but the stress of working without pay has hit many of them hard.

The Secret Service employs 7,222 people, nearly 6,000 of whom are working without pay, while more than 1,200 are furloughed since they were not deemed essential, according to the Department of Homeland Security’s shutdown plans.

If lawmakers do not come to an agreement by Tuesday night, in time for the government to make payroll, federal employees are slated to miss their second paychecks of the shutdown.

Report: Seven residents including baby escape fire at Princeton home

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PRINCETON, Illinois — Seven people, including a one-week-old baby safely escaped from a fire, according to a report by News Tribune.

The fire broke out at a two-story home on Friday afternoon, January 18, just one block away from Main Street, read the report.

According to the report, the fire started in a rear apartment.

The American Red Cross assisted those affected.


Be a part of Putnam Museum’s newest exhibit, get a free ticket

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-  The Putnam Museum is taking a new look at the issue of race and hopes you'll help by leaving behind some very personal history.

January 18 and 19, The Putnam is asking people to be a part of the exhibit by bringing their ancestry results from places like and 23andme.

From 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. you can bring your test results to be featured in the exhibit and get a free admission pass.

Shared results will be featured on a huge map as part of the museum's exhibit called "Race: Are We So Different?"

It's designed to show the wide-ranging backgrounds of residents in the Quad Cities.

The exhibit opens Saturday, January 26.

The museum says it won't keep your test results, the information will be part of a permanent archive.


Davenport puppy wakes up after being euthanized earning a second chance at life

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DAVENPORT, Iowa – An overcrowded Oklahoma shelter chose a puppy to be put down, but in a strange turn of events the medicine didn’t take.  When the veterinarians walked in the pup was still awake and the dog is getting a second chance to find a new home.

Now, the little pup is a wonder to all.

“He’s a miracle dog, absolutely,” says Kylie Jo Mitchell, a worker at Kings Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter.  “I’ve never heard of anything like this ever, this is a first.”

Rudolph is an 8-month old Lab American Pitbull mix whose paws shouldn’t even be on this earth today.

“He was euthanized and when they returned to that room they came back and Rudolph was alive,” Mitchell says.

Since then, Rudolph was brought to Kings Harvest where he has become an instant internet sensation.  When Jacob Hommer saw the photo he couldn’t resist.

“My family and I we have bred Siberian Huskies for combat veterans, Purple Heart recipients, combat wounded veterans,” Hommer says.

Hommer traveled two and a half hours from Des Moines this morning in hopes of giving Rudolph a home with a veteran in Colorado.

“I sent him the story on this dog,” explain Hommer. “I said, “check this dog out and the incredible story,” and he was so moved by it and emotional that he was like ‘I have to have this dog’.”

Hommer thinks that with the right training Rudolph could make the perfect partner.

“Having a dog, it’s something to wake up and fight for and especially a lot of these vets they are struggling to find a reason to get up in the day,” says Hommer.

Proving dogs truly are a man’s best friend.

“Everybody has been really interested in this boy,” Mitchell says.

And hopefully this little wonder of a dog finds the right home.

Rudolph has been adopted, but who adopted him is still unknown until Kings Harvest confirms everything with the future family.

First responders hold active-shooter drill at DeWitt elementary school

WQAD News -

DEWITT, Iowa -- Staff at Ekstrand Elementary School participated in an active shooter drill with the help of some student volunteers.

The drill was held Friday, January 18, 2018, a day that students were scheduled off, leaving the building vacant and ready for preparations

DeWitt first responders from around the area came together to complete the drill. Local police and fire departments were joined with Iowa State Patrol and Clinton County Sheriff's Department. Together they stormed the school to find the mock active shooter. New to this training, Genesis EMTs were on scene to transport mock victims out of the building and into ambulances.

School staff and volunteer students acted as pretend victims. Victims were dressed in torn, bloody clothes and had fake bullet wounds made of makeup and fake blood -- all to simulate a more real, urgent danger.

Superintendent of Central DeWitt Community School District, Dan Peterson, said he and the police department have been planning this drill for more than six months.

"It's crazy that we're dressing kids up with bullet wounds... that we even have to think about it," Peterson said. "But I'd rather have a good plan in place and see it through like this than to not be prepared."

Chief David Porter, with the DeWitt Police Department, said all first responders were trained with one motto in mind: "Stop the bleed, stop the dying."

"The sooner we can get medical personnel into the building safely, to treat the victims, the better survival rate we’re going to have," Chief Porter said.

Chief Porter said by having all responding units come in waves, including fake victims with dramatic wounds and even holding a mock press conference afterward all made the practice more than worth it.

"You can’t beat the training for that. It’s very real," Chief Porter said. He said the drill overall was successful.

"I think it's very realistic in today's world that we have to prepare," Chief Porter said. "It's sad but true that we have to prepare like this."

Pawn shop that bought dying 78-year-old’s stolen wedding ring demands payment

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A wedding ring stolen from the hand of a sleeping 78-year-old woman has been found at a pawn shop, but, with her health failing, her daughter fears she may never get it back before she dies.

Trela Wishon said the ring was stolen off of her elderly mother's hand while she was in an Oklahoma City senior living home, Accel at Crystal Park. She said it happened the same night she was given an Ambien the first time.

"Then when she went to eat breakfast," Wishon said, "she noticed on her hand that her rings were missing."

The ring, or rings, started as her wedding ring. As she could afford to, Wishon's mother would add stones to it. Then, on her 50th anniversary, and then 60th anniversary, her mother added two new diamond studded bands and had all three fused together.

"She was so proud of that set of rings," Wishon said, "so very proud of it."

They never thought they would see the ring again.

Then on Wednesday, a detective called Wishon with great news. He had located the ring at an Oklahoma City pawn shop, which had apparently bought it from someone for $475.

"I just started screaming – I was excited, I was happy, I cried a little bit," Wishon said. "I said, 'Mom, they found your rings! They found your rings!' Her eyes opened up real bright."

But she didn't have the heart to tell her the bad news she had learned from the police.

"The pawn shop is still wanting to maintain ownership of those rings because they forked out $475 for them," Wishon said.

Wishon was told by officers that before the ring can be released to anyone, Wishon and the pawn shop may have to fight over its ownership in property court, unless someone pays the pawn shop for it beforehand.

"Right now, all I want to do is get those rings back to my mom," Wishon said, "because she's in the hospital right now, she's not expected to live, and she's so wishing she could have those rings back, and she's not getting them yet."

Terrifying video shows worker jump as semi pulls live wire from burning pole

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CLEVELAND, Ohio - A terrifying moment for a utility worker in a bucket truck was captured on video.

A power pole caught on fire just before 3:30 a.m. near E. 152nd St. I-90 was closed in both directions from Eddy Rd. to E. 156th St. It continued to burn until it snapped around 5:15 a.m., according to WJW.

A utility worker was working on the hanging wires when a semi drove by, yanking the wires from the dangling section of the pole.

The worker jumped out of the way and was not hurt.

Buddhist poker player makes enlightened move after winning $671K at tournament

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Buddha wasn’t talking about high-stakes poker when he said “Develop the mind of equilibrium,” but it’s advice that seems to be working out pretty well for Scott Wellenbach.

The 67-year-old Canadian, who converted to Buddhism as a young man, won $671,240 at a poker tournament in the Bahamas Wednesday and plans to give it away, as he does with all his winnings. Wellenbach, who works as a translator of Sanskrit and Tibetan Buddhist texts, jokes to the CBC that his deal with the “poker gods” is that they give him results beyond what his ability warrants in return for him giving his winnings away.

He donates to Oxfam and Doctors Without Borders, as well as Buddhist charities and local charities in Nova Scotia.

How can you not love this guy? Scott Wellenbach explains why he will be giving all of his winnings away. Watch that and then check our live #PCA updates as Wellenbach continues to compete for $1.5 million.


— PokerStarsBlog (@PokerStarsBlog) January 16, 2019

Wellenbach says he’s won hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, but the Bahamas win was his biggest by far. He tells the BBC that he was more disciplined than usual in his meditating during the poker tournament, since he was “desperate for a little glimpse of sanity in the midst of all this.”

He admits that it’s tough to reconcile Buddhist practice with the rush of playing poker, though the game itself contains the “contradictions of existence.”

“Poker gives you a tremendous opportunity to work with the heavens and hells of your mind,” he says. “You’re winning and losing every minute-and-a-half, and so some sense of how your hopes and fears go up and down with the passing circumstance of the world is brought to fore at the poker table.” (Buddha would definitely not approve of cheating with radioactive cards.)

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FBI employees turn to food banks, outside work as shutdown drags on

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As the government shutdown stretches towards a fifth week, FBI field offices across the country are opening food banks to help support special agents and staff struggling without pay.

In Dallas, Newark, New Jersey, and Washington, the FBI has set up or planned for areas where employees can drop off non-perishable food items for other employees to pick up, according to multiple law enforcement officials.

On the West Coast, at least two FBI field offices are considering establishing food banks as one of a number of ideas to help employees hurting from the shutdown, a law enforcement official said.

“We’re all in this together and we’re banding together to help each other out in any way we can,” said Melinda Urbina, a spokeswoman for the FBI field office in Dallas, where a volunteer employee group set up the food bank now filled with pastas and canned goods in one of the main break rooms.

Some 35,000 FBI employees, including administrative and support staff, missed a paycheck last week as negotiations between President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats over government funding and border security have stalled.

That has left many also searching for outside employment, despite limitations on the type of work employees can do and still keep a security clearance or not violate government employment rules.

Justice Department component agencies have had a number of requests from employees, including law enforcement agents and officers, seeking guidance on outside employment, two senior law enforcement officials told CNN. Lawyers have been doing research to determine what type of outside employment would be allowed, the officials said.

RELATED: State Department orders staff back to work, says they will be paid

Another law enforcement official said that the number of requests for outside employment at one FBI field office has “significantly increased.” All FBI employees must get approval through an established process before they engage in other work.

Law enforcement officials have also warned that FBI investigations are being damaged as operational budgets dwindle.

Pay for informants and surveillance work as well as drug buys in trafficking operations are all endangered as resource shortages restrict the tools available to investigators, according to Tom O’Connor, the president of the FBI Agents Association, which represents most of the bureau’s active duty special agents.

Still, throughout the country’s longest government shutdown, FBI special agents remain in the streets carrying out law enforcement activities.

On Wednesday, undercover FBI special agents in Georgia met 21-year-old Hasher Taheb in a parking lot with a trailer filled with inert assault rifles and explosives.

After Taheb, who was later charged by federal prosecutors for a plan to attack the White House and other DC monuments, exchanged his car for the weapons, agents, working without pay, took him under arrest, according to a criminal complaint.

AeroMexico offers discounts to Americans who have Mexican DNA

WQAD News -

In 2017, about 35 million American citizens traveled to Mexico, visiting beachy spots such as Puerto Vallarta to historic sites such as Chichen Itza.

But as political tensions flare between Mexico and its northern neighbor the United States, one airline decided to be proactive.

AeroMexico, the country’s national carrier, unveiled a program called “DNA Discounts,” which offers discounts on flights to Americans who can show by taking a test that they have Mexican DNA.

The amount of the discount depends on the percentage of Mexican ancestry. For example, a person who has 15% Mexican heritage qualifies for 15% off.

The promotion is specifically targeted at states in the Western United States, including Arizona and Utah.

A chart onscreen explains how long immigration between the two countries has been going on and which states in the United States are likely to have high numbers of people with Mexican heritage.

However, there is much more going on with the campaign than simply wanting to encourage travel there.

The commercial features representatives from AeroMexico interviewing some residents of Wharton, Texas, on their opinions about Mexico. Wharton is 60 miles southwest of Houston and about 300 miles north of the Mexican border.

Several interviewees express their dislike of Mexico, saying they have no interest in visiting. One man says, “Let me stay here in peace, and let those folks stay on their side of the border.”

Others say they enjoy Mexican exports such as burritos and tequila, but have no interest in traveling to the country.

That, of course, is where the big reveal comes in. The same people are told on-camera what percentage Mexican DNA they have. Some are dismayed, others confused.

One couple looks pleasantly surprised at the news, with the husband teasing his wife about his percentage being higher than hers.

No politicians or political issues are mentioned by name, but it appears AeroMexico is using its ad to examine tensions between the two countries.

And this isn’t the first time AeroMexico has addressed political issues in its commercials.

In 2016, the company released an ad entitled “Fronteras” (Spanish for “Borders”) that featured moody black-and-white shots of children pressed up against walls and chain-link fences.

The ad came after now-President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to build a border wall between the two countries.

AeroMexico is part of the SkyTeam alliance, whose other members include Air France, Delta Air Lines and KLM.

The “DNA Discounts” ad was released by Ogilvy, the airline’s advertising agency. So far, AeroMexico has not commented about the ad on its official Spanish or English-language Twitter feeds or Facebook pages. CNN has reached out to AeroMexico for comment.

Lin-Manuel Miranda changes lyrics to blast fan filming Hamilton show

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Lin-Manuel Miranda made an impromptu edit to one of the numbers in his acclaimed Hamilton Wednesday night after he spotted a woman filming a performance in Puerto Rico.

While performing One Shot, Miranda noticed the audience member pointing a camera at the stage, the BBC reports. So, thinking (or rapping, actually) on his feet, he slipped a new line into the song: “I’m a get a scholarship to King’s College, I probably shouldn’t brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish, lady Filming in the fourth row, please stop it.”

Traditionally, that last line is, “The problem is I got a lot of brains but no polish.”

In a tweet after the show, Miranda shared the “2nd ‘rewrite’” and requested that audiences, “Please don’t make me do that s—t again.”

As a general rule, filming a theater performance is a “serious no-no,” per, which reports that the woman did end up sending an apology to Miranda, who is reprising the title role in the musical during a limited run in Puerto Rico.

“I cannot believe I actually witnessed this live,” one audience member tweeted about the line change. “Everyone in theater gasped when that happened.” (Read more Lin-Manuel Miranda stories.)

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Dash cam video captures four-vehicle crash on Avenue of the Cities in East Moline

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The crash happens around 1 minute and 45 seconds into the video

EAST MOLINE, Illinois -- A dashboard camera captured a crash that happened at Kennedy Drive and Avenue of the Cities Thursday, January 17.

Police said two people in the crash suffered non-life-threatening injuries.  Four vehicles were involved.

Click here for traffic information, anytime.


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