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No water leads to boil order for Erie Illinois

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ERIE, Illinois- Water had been shut off for the entirety of Erie, Illinois.

According to Deputy Village Clerk Teresa Byam-Adamson, water for the whole town of Erie had been shut off with no estimations for when it will be fixed.

The decision came as a result of a water main break, City officials say now that water is turned back on, a boil order is in effect for the whole town.


New Dunkin’ Donuts opens in Rock Island

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ROCK ISLAND- Joining the nearly 15 new coffee shop expansions in the past two years, Rock Island has a new Dunkin’ Donuts.

Today, November 12, 2018, the Dunkin’ at 2711 18th Ave. in Rock Island opened in the early afternoon.

A grand opening is planned for later in the month, and this is just an early opening.

This particular Donut and coffee franchise is owned and operated by a local Quad Cities resident.

‘Wheel of Misfortune’ returns – How you can help catch the QC’s most wanted

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MOLINE, Illinois -- Remember the "Wheel of Misfortune"?

It was a weekly spot on News 8, hosted by CrimeStoppers.  Throughout the 90s, Rick Ryckeghem from CrimeStoppers would come to our studios and help shed light on a wanted person.

Here's how it works, eight mugshots are posted on the wheel.  One hearty spin determines which wanted person is featured.  For that week, rewards given for eligible information will be doubled.

Starting Wednesday, November 14, the "Wheel of Misfortune" is back on News 8.  Ryckeghem, a retired Moline police officer, will be back to spin the wheel and continue fighting crime.

Bettendorf teacher shares front line experience fighting western wildfires

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BETTENDORF - It's a long way from Bettendorf to battling western wildfires, but Elizabeth Woolley makes the connection.

That's because the Bettendorf High teacher spent two summers fighting western wildfires.

"It did teach me a lot about working as a team," she said on Monday, November 12.  "You're never really an individual.  You all work together."

Remarkable and dreadful images capture the devastation from California wildfires. The deadly fires are destroying homes, forcing evacuations and straining firefighters.

"I just feel for the people that are out there, trying to live their lives and be safe," she continued.  "It really changes everything."

Elizabeth's time in the field taught this future teacher.  There were important lessons about life skills - trials, triumphs and sometimes tragedies.

"Things are moving so quickly, and the fires are so hot that they have to adapt very quickly," she said.

Those California fires hit close to home.  She remembers the training and dangerous situations.

In her classroom these days, she's using those skills to put out academic fires at Bettendorf High.

"It taught me a lot about making sure that you have the training and the skills before you go out into a situation," she concluded.

Situations that reach from the smouldering front lines to the front row of English class.

Sterling nonprofit that owes 2 years of back wages to workers delays payment again

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STERLING, Illinois -- A nonprofit company that has been deemed responsible for giving back-pay to its workers has delayed payment for a second time.

In April of 2018, Self Help Enterprises, a recycling, packing and pallet manufacturer that hires people with disabilities, was found to be in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Payment that was expected over the summer was delayed to November 11.

On Monday, November 12, Carla Haubrich, the Executive Director of Self Help, said there was another extension of payments to workers.  She told WQAD News 8 that there was no timetable on the latest extension.

Haubrich said the nonprofit was still negotiating with the Department of Labor.

Veteran died with no family, so other vets showed up for funeral

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NASHVILLE — The Tennessee community came together Friday to make sure an unclaimed veteran would not be forgotten, according to WTVF.

Large crowds turned out on a rainy morning to pay their respects to Leo Stokley, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He died Sunday at the Waters of Cheatham in Ashland City. He was 69 years old.

Stokley served in the United States Marine Corps and did a tour of duty in Vietnam.

After his passing, he had no family to attend his funeral. That’s when the community stepped in to make sure he wouldn’t be buried alone.

Hundreds of veterans and their friends and family showed up to show respect for Stokley.

The push for help started among veterans groups on social media and was quickly shared during the week before the funeral.

“It’s very heartwarming to see this many veterans and friends of veterans that show up here on a cold, rainy day, a weekday, to send him off in style. I’m proud for that. I’m proud for these guys that did that.” said Bob Counter, an Air Force veteran.

He was laid to rest at the Middle Tennessee Veterans Cemetery in Nashville.

Stutzke’s Stats: Do you know the difference between a winter storm watch and warning?

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While the first day of winter is still a little more than a month away, we’ve already seen our first round of accumulating snow and we’ll likely see more in the weeks ahead. This week kicks off Winter Weather Awareness week in Illinois giving us all a good reminder of what we need to do to make sure we’ll be able to battle the elements safely, whether we’re working outdoors or traveling.

One of the most common, high-impact advisories we’re likely to see issued in the months ahead will be either a Winter Storm WATCH or a Winter Storm WARNING.

A Winter Storm WATCH is typically issued around 48 hours before a high-impact winter weather event is expected to unfold for a given area.  Think of it as an advanced heads up, that conditions and ingredients could potentially come together soon to produce heavy snow, sleet, and ice. Now is the time to start gathering your winter weather supplies such as salt, shovels, and making sure that your car has a full tank of gas.

A Winter Storm WARNING means life-threatening winter weather is likely. This can include heavy snowfall, sleet, and significant ice accumulation. The bottom line: significant travel impacts are likely and if possible you’ll want to avoid traveling altogether.

In the case that you MUST travel, a winter weather survival kit is a recommended. This kit should have the following items as the bare minimum:

A bag of cat litter or sand will be helpful, especially if you become stuck. Ice scrapers and heavy duty boots will keep you comfortable if you need to walk a distance to reach help. Also, don’t forget to keep the exhaust pipe of your vehicle clear of snow should you need to ride things out for a bit before help can arrive. The shovel will come in handy for that!

While its easy to assume that it will never happen to us and if anything these inclement weather conditions will just slow us down, don’t forget that significant winds and dangerous wind chills usually accompany these strong storm systems.

For your home you’ll want these essential items, especially during long-term power outages.

Like your vehicle, make sure the exhaust from your heating system has an escape route that isn’t blocked by ice and snow which could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke

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Temperatures to improve later this week

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A cold gray start to the work week as temperatures did not get out of the 20s during the day.  This is a pattern we normally experience during late December into January!  And it appears will extend this into Tuesday before conditions become a bit more tolerable in the days to follow.

I’m expecting a few broken clouds tonight as lows will drop around the mid teens with just enough wind to created single digit wind chills.

Tuesday will be another cold winter-like day with highs around 30, but we do get to bathe in bountiful sunshine as well.  Temperatures will moderate some for the rest of the week before another chill settles in this weekend.

Temperature trends still show a nice improvement heading into the Thanksgiving holiday, where at the same time our next round of rainfall will eventually arrive.

Chief meteorologist James Zahara

Download the News 8 Weather App — for iOS, click here and for Android, click here

Download the free News 8 App — for iOS, click here and for Android, click here

Woman says husband died while protecting her when thieves tried to steal Xbox One

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EVERGREEN, Colo. -- A Colorado woman says her husband died while protecting her when armed thieves tried to steal their Xbox One, according to KDVR.

“He died protecting me,” Miranda Clymer said.

Clymer calls her late husband, Jacob, her hero. She said that in the frantic moments of the robbery, he drew gunfire away from her.

“I got the gun pulled on me because they wanted to rob us for our Xbox One,” Clymer said.

The couple posted an ad for their Xbox on Facebook. They agreed to meet the buyer, a teenager, on Halloween near Montview Boulevard and Billings Street in Aurora.

When Miranda got out of the car, she said she was met with the barrel of a gun. She said Jacob then pulled out his own gun and said, “Let’s not do this.”

“He drew the attention away from me and I really think he knew what exactly that entitled to come to,” Clymer said.

Seconds later, gunfire filled the air. Miranda said the teen shot her husband and took off. She rushed to Jacob’s side.

“I found him bleeding ... bleeding out,” Clymer said.

She said the father of three was a self-taught mechanic, a fun-loving man who adored his children. Other family members agree.

“He was an amazing guy and the way that he would look at his youngest -- just the sparkle in his eyes. He definitely loved his kids,” said Alyssa Hancock, Jacob’s cousin.

“He was full of life, just a real gentle person. He’s the type of person if it meant that he would go without something to eat to make sure someone else would,” said Jacob’s uncle, Thomas Hancock.

Hours after the shooting, police arrested a 15-year-old in connection with the shooting. 

While nothing will bring Jacob back, Miranda cautions others before meeting up to buy or sell anything off the internet.

“You never know if they’ll take advantage of the opportunity. Meet at a police department. I can’t replace my husband. I can’t replace my children’s amazing father,” Miranda said. “My husband’s life was worth more than an Xbox One -- more than $250.”

The juvenile is charged with first-degree murder. At this point, it’s not clear if the district attorney will charge him as an adult. That decision will likely come in January at the next court hearing.

Marvel co-creator Stan Lee dies at age 95

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The co-creator of Marvel Comics has died, according to a report by TMZ.

Stan Lee, age 95, passed away Monday, November 12, according the report. TMZ said the information came from Lee’s daughter.   He was reportedly been battling several illnesses over the last year, including pneumonia.  On Monday morning he died after being taken to a hospital via ambulance from his Hollywood Hills home.

According to the Associated Press, a family attorney confirmed the news.

Back in 1961, Lee worked with Jack Kirby to start Marvel, introducing The Fantastic Four.

According to Lee’s IMDB profile, the writer was born in New York City to Romanian Jewish immigrants, Celia and Jack Lieber.

Lee is best known for his co-creation of characters like Spider Man, the Hulk, Doctor Strange, Iran Man, Thor and others.

‘You did it!’ Dad sings, keeps daughter calm as they flee deadly wildfire

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video that captures a family’s escape from the California wildfires has gone viral, thanks mainly to the father’s calm reassurance of his 3-year-old daughter in the back seat.

Joe Allen sings to Olivia at one point, “Baby it’ll be all right” as he drives through dense smoke, with embers falling on the car and fire on both sides of the road, reports KTVU.

The Allens were among those who fled Paradise, California, with Joe and Olivia in one vehicle, and wife Whitney and 8-month-old Jordan in another. “Hey guess what, we’re not going to catch on fire, OK,” Joe tells Olivia as she talks about the fire. “We’re going to stay away from it and we’ll be just fine. We’re doing alright.” When she asks about returning home, he says they’ll do so when it’s more “Princess Poppy.”

And when their vehicle hits a clear point in the road, Olivia says, “You did it, you did it!” and Joe responds, “We did it together.”

Wife Whitney also got out safely, though “at one point we both thought we weren’t going to make it,” she tells KTVU.

Meanwhile, the death toll from the Camp Fire that decimated Paradise rose to 23, reports the AP, and it seems certain to keep rising. The Butte County Sheriff’s Department has a list of more than 100 people considered missing.

Two people were killed in a separate wildfire in Southern California on Saturday, bringing the statewide total to 25. (Read more California wildfires stories.)

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