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New QC music class lets babies make noise with parent approval

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Music is the universal language that even baby Ellie can understand.

“She loves things that make noise even if they aren’t instruments she loves making noise with things,” says Melissa Fredericks, Ellie’s mother.

It’s all about the notes and rhythm, associating those musical patterns with different memories or feelings – something Fredericks can understand.

“As a teacher I like to try and expose her to as many things as I can,” Fredericks stresses.

“They sing songs they already know, maybe some new songs, and interact with other moms and other babies and other dads too,” says Sarah Hepner, the class teacher and mother of three.

She started the class after she had her third baby this year.

“We have been singing songs at home, having a lot of fun, and thought this would be a great thing to bring to other moms and other babies to have a real great time,” Hepner says.

Through music, parents can connect with their little ones.

“It’s nice that I can have special time with her and know that it’s benefiting her too,” Fredericks comments.

In return, the baby learns more about communication.

“If a baby is trying to gesture something to you, if you put it in a song it’s easier for them to learn,” Hepner explains.

And while Ellie isn’t going to be on top of the charts in one day.  The universal language is something that will help her hit the right notes later in life.

“I think the more things we can expose her to the more well rounded she will be.  It will kind of shape what she likes as she gets older,” says Fredericks.

Holiday Hop kicks off the season in downtown Moline

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MOLINE, Illinois-- After the first measurable snowfall of the year, it was the perfect scene for the second annual Holiday Hop in downtown Moline.

The event is sponsored by the Moline Centre, a division of the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, and is designed to support local businesses ahead of the holiday season.

“Our biggest sales for the year are in the month of December," says Rebecca Burns, owner of The Shameless Chocoholic. "There aren’t too many people out there that are chocoholics so it fits right in.”

The chocolate-connoisseur was showing off her fudges and confections during the annual event, serving up warm hot-cocoa and homemade marshmallows.

“It’s always fun with the samples and the hot cocoa, and you get some ideas for what we might want to do for family or get for family," says Alyssa Schmidt, who was checking out the shop with her daughter and her friend.

Beyond sweets, people were able to check out special deals at local barbers and salons, pizza places and bars.

The DIY Craft Lounge, a brand-new downtown store, was hosting a craft night.

“The glow on people’s faces when they’re done," owner Amanda Bautista says. "They had a good time with whoever they came with. And they say, ‘I did that. It really does look good.'"

The lounge offers a place to craft, from string art to pottery painting.

Bautista says it's a great way to spend the chilly winter days inside or create something for someone else.

The weather right now is also having an impression on people.

“It really makes you wake up, and man it’s freezing out," Joe Tigges says. "And it really sets the tone for Christmas. You hate it so much but you love it because Christmas is right around the corner now.”

Some people weren't as keen on celebrating Christmas quite yet.

“I had a hard time turning on Christmas music," Bautista says. "Today when I noticed all of the street poles with the lights, it felt really festive. It felt small-townish. Then I was excited for the holiday hop tonight.”

‘Code word’ helps save girl from would-be kidnapper at Arizona park

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SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. – An Arizona girl’s “code word” helped her avoid a strange man who tried to lure her into his vehicle Wednesday, according to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

The girl was walking with a friend near a park in San Tan Valley, about 45 miles east of Phoenix, when a man in a white SUV pulled up to them around 3:45 p.m.

He told the girl her brothers had been involved in a serious accident and said she needed to go with him, according to the sheriff’s office.

The quick-thinking girl asked him what the code word was, and when he didn’t know it, he drove off.

KNXV reports that the girl is 10 years old, and the code word was something her mother read about in a story.

“We just came up with that a few months ago,” said the girl’s mother, Brenda James. “This one time, it saved my daughters life.”

Other children have also reported seeing the man circling repeatedly during the day, according to the sheriff’s office. Officials are now trying to warn other families living in the area.

“Kudos to the parents of this child for having a code word and talking about to their children about stranger danger,” said Sheriff Mark Lamb. “We hope by putting this out, it will encourage parents to have that conversation and create a plan with their children, so they know what to do if they are in that situation.”

He’s described as being in his 40s with a short beard – but officials say he used his hand to cover much of his face while talking to the girl.

Child battling cancer is granted dying wish – to escort mother down aisle

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STOW, Ohio - Weddings are a time of great joy but for one Stow family the celebration was bittersweet.

"He said, 'Well momma I would like to walk you down the aisle before I die,' and then I was like you know what, we're making it happen," said Taylore Woodard.

A rare cancer returned for a fourth time, only this time it spread across her 12-year-old son Keith Burkett's frail body. In home hospice care for weeks, Keith's family leaped at the chance to honor one of his final wishes.

Wednesday, a few days ahead of the scheduled wedding ceremony, Taylore and her husband Adam wed inside their living room with Keith in a wheelchair by their side.

"I would have never thought I would sit and beg God to take my child but I would rather him be with God then suffer the way he is, it's not fair," said Taylore through tears.

While the family knows they don't have much time left together, Taylore says she is praying for peace after so much pain and finds comfort knowing she gave and received a lifetime of love from her son, one of her most precious gifts.



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