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Woman fends off 300-pound, half-naked burglary suspect with baseball bat

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A 65-year-old Florida woman didn’t wait for police after she says she saw a large man wearing only his underwear trying to break into her car early Sunday.

“So I grabbed my bat,” Clarese Gainey told WGFL. “I braced myself, I eased the door open.”

Police say the man Gainey found before her, wearing only boxer shorts, was 5-foot-6-inch, 300-pound Antonio Mosely. WGFL reports that Gainey played softball in high school, and, when Mosely allegedly charged, she was ready.

“I took that bat and hit him upside the head like ‘Pi-hay!’ and he said ‘Owww!'” Gainey said.

Deputies later arrested Mosely and booked him into the Alachua County Jail.

Court records show he face two burglary charges and one count of drug possession.


Man sues Dodgers for $2 million after alleged ‘unprovoked’ attack by security guards

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LOS ANGELES -- A man filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Dodgers Tuesday, alleging he broke his ankle after he was attacked by security guards during a game last year.

Daniel Antunez is seeking more than $2 million in damages, according to court documents obtained by KTLA.

The man was at a game with friends celebrating his birthday April 24, 2018, when one of his friends spilled her beer on a fan seated below them. The fan called security guards who came over and asked Antunez and his friend to leave with them, according to the complaint filed Tuesday.

While standing with about 10 security guards, Antunez told them he needed to use a nearby restroom and proceeded to walk towards it. Three security guards then grabbed the plaintiff "without any provocation" and threw him to the ground, according to the lawsuit.

A number of other security guards then joined in and "attacked' Antunez, court documents claim.

Surveillance video from Dodger Stadium shows the man standing near a restroom before several men in security uniforms appear to grab him and pin him to the ground. The group then crowds on the ground behind a column and are no longer visible in the video.

Different surveillance footage shows Antunez handcuffed and being taken out of the stadium on a wheelchair.

Antunez' ankle was badly fractured as a result of the incident, according to his lawyer Peter diDonato.

The lawyer said his client suffered permanent injuries and emotional distress, and incurred medical expenses and lost pay because of the incident.

The Dodgers declined to comment on the case.

Family: Alaska girl expelled after she kneed boy in the groin in girls’ bathroom

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska — An Alaska school district is coming under fire for how it handled the discipline for a female student at North Pole High School who kneed a boy in the groin as he blocked her exit from the girls’ bathroom, KTUU reported.

“We had an incident last week to where some boys entered the girls’ bathroom, and a girl kneed a boy, feeling threatened. They were blocking her way. And she was suspended from school, because she used too much force,” Rep. Tammie Wilson, R-Fairbanks, said during a House Majority press conference last week.

According to Wilson, the boys were in the bathroom due to “some kind of protest.”

The Washington Post reported the boys were upset about a selfie snapped in the boys’ bathroom by a student transitioning from female to male. They walked into the girls’ bathroom to take their own selfie “as a [form] of protest,” the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District superintendent told The Washington Post.

Wilson told KTUU the reason they were there shouldn’t matter.

“If you ever feel threatened, for your safety, whatever force you think you have to go give, I will stand by you and so will your community, and not for those boys who were where they didn’t belong,” Wilson said.

Wilson said the girl was suspended and missed her prom, while the boys were allowed to attend, KTUU reported.

In a tweet, the girl’s sister said that she was actually expelled for what she did.

Superintendent Karen Gaborik would not confirm to The Washington Post whether the girl was expelled.

The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District released a statement:

“The district does not encourage students or staff to use force against students, staff, or visitors to school facilities. Students or staff who use force against another person on school grounds could be subject to disciplinary action, depending on the facts and circumstances of the incident.”

The district also said multiple students faced disciplinary action, KTUU reported.

Wilson said, “She did the right thing, and we should be backing her, not having her sitting at home wondering whether she made the right decision or not.”

According to The Washington Post, the girl’s family plans to appeal the disciplinary action.

Police: California man on crime spree stabs woman, steals car, strikes pedestrian

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LAKE FOREST, Calif. - Two people were left in critical condition Tuesday, and a man was taken into custody in Lake Forest on suspicion of several offenses including breaking into a woman's home and stabbing her, stealing a car and colliding with a pedestrian before crashing and attempting to break into several other cars, authorities said.

The crime spree started at around 5 p.m. when the unidentified suspect got into a physical altercation at a Salvation Army store, the Orange County Sheriff's Department said in a news release.

The man then fled to an apartment complex and entered a home where he was confronted by the resident and fled again, this time into a residential neighborhood. He then entered a home by smashing through the back door, according to the news release.

Inside the home, he grabbed a knife and confronted a mother who was at home with her two daughters. She ran outside onto the street to lure him away from her teen girls and he chased after her, eventually catching her and stabbing her multiple times, the Sheriff's Department said.

While he was stabbing her, three good Samaritans driving by saw her bleeding on the sidewalk and stopped to help.

They told KTLA they thought the man leaning over the woman was trying to help her, but they soon realized he was stabbing her. When he saw them, he started chasing after them with the knife before getting into their white BMW and driving away.

The stabbing victim was transported to a hospital in critical condition, authorities said.

“He was just smiling the whole time like he was having a good time,” Daniel Alexander, told KTLA. Alexander had been in the BMW.

The suspect then drove erratically, sometimes going in the wrong direction, before he stuck a woman walking on the sidewalk and fled the scene, according to Lake Forest Police Services Lt. Chad Taylor.

The victim, a woman in her 50s, was also transported to a hospital in critical condition, the Sheriff's Department said.

The man then continued driving until he crashed into another vehicle, got out of the car and started running towards a trailer park, Taylor said.

There, he unsuccessfully attempted to break into a house and several other cars, according to police.

A passing cyclist pepper-sprayed him before officers arrived at the scene and took him into custody, the Sheriff's Department said.

It took officers a total of nine minutes from the time dispatch received calls to apprehend the man, according to the news release.

The suspect was hospitalized and was expected to later be booked into an Orange County jail on several charges including attempted murder, carjacking and felony hit-and-run, authorities said.

"We believe there is no further threat to the community," the Sheriff's Department said.

Authorities did not identify the suspect or the victims.

FBI: Woman connected to Colorado school threats is dead

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CLEAR CREEK COUNTY, Colo. — The woman at the center of a massive manhunt for allegedly making threats against schools in the Denver metro area is dead, the FBI confirmed on Wednesday.

Earlier Wednesday, the FBI confirmed “investigative activity” near the base of Mt. Evans. Less than 30 minutes later, the FBI said:

“UPDATE: THERE IS NO LONGER A THREAT TO THE COMMUNITY. More information to follow shortly.”

Officials did not provide any additional details about Sol Pais, the 18-year-old woman at the center of the investigation.

Pais, who the FBI said is infatuated with the 1999 Columbine massacre, was found in the woods near the Echo Lake Lodge at the base of Mount Evans Road in Clear Creek County.

On Tuesday, the FBI said Pais flew to Colorado from the Miami area on Monday night and purchased a pump-action shotgun and ammunition in the Denver area.

After receiving threats, several schools, including Columbine High School, were placed on lockout on Tuesday.

The lockout later extended to all Denver metro area schools.

On Tuesday night, the vast majority of schools in the Denver metro area announced they would be closed on Wednesday because of the threats that were deemed credible.

Second victim accuses Pennsylvania doctor of sexual assault; his lawyers are seeking other victims

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — At least one other person has come forward to provide allegations of sexual assault by a Lancaster County doctor who was charged last week with having inappropriate contact with a male patient during an exam earlier this year, according to the attorneys who say they represent “several clients” accusing him of sexual assault.

Dr. William Vollmar was arrested and charged with indecent assault last week after a Lancaster County man accused him of having inappropriate contact with him during a deep tissue massage at a clinic in Quarryville. The man had initially made an appointment to have Vollmar examine his injured ankle, he said.

Attorneys Brian Kent and Guy D’Andrea of Laffey, Bucci & Kent, LLP in Philadelphia, said they are representing the victim in a press release Tuesday.

Kent and D’Andrea said they, along with attorney Tom Malone of the Philadelphia-based Malone Firm, LLC, are representing “several clients” who are accusing Vollmar of sexual assault.

The attorneys said the alleged sexual assaults occurred while various young men, who wish to remain anonymous, on separate occasions, obtained medical treatment from Vollmar.

“Vollmar abused his position of power and trust when he allegedly sexually assaulted these young men,” the attorneys said in a press release. “Doctor Vollmar was apparently known to perform unnecessary genital exams of young boys throughout various school districts of Pequea Valley and Lampeter-Strasburg, and possibly others.”

Kent and D’Andrea said they accompanied one client, whom they identified as Victim No. 1, to the Pennsylvania State Police barracks to report the alleged sexual assault. Victim No. 1’s allegations led to Vollmar’s arrest on charges of indecent assault April 10.

Shortly after Volmar’s arrest, Kent, D’Andrea, and Malone said a second male victim, represented by Malone, came forward and provided a statement to police accusing Vollmar of assaulting him.

“Vollmar had access to countless numbers of young males through his partnership, association, and affiliation as a physician with the Pequea Valley School District, Middletown Area School District, Lampeter-Strasburg School District, and Conestoga Valley High School, as well as his employment with the medical practice of Stephen G. Diamantoni, M.D. who is the Lancaster County coroner,” the attorneys said in the press release.

Vollmar has resigned his position with the Middletown Area School District, the district told parents in a letter April 11.

Shortly after his arrest, State Police said they were seeking additional information on Vollmar.

Kent, D’Andrea and Malone allege that Vollmar’s sexual assaults “began a long time ago, and involved victims as young as 13 years old.”

They said when Vollmar became a doctor at Conestoga Valley High School, he ran a “study” where he examined athletes who were not injured.

“The study looked at the connection between Achilles tendon flexibility and knee injuries,” the attorneys said. “It also involved determining where the athletes were in terms of puberty. Vollmar examined the genitals of each athlete to make this determination.”

The attorneys representing Vollmar’s alleged victims are urging others who may have been sexually assaulted by Vollmar to come forward.

Expert says woman found ring containing Charlotte Brontë’s hair, appraised it for $26K

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ERDDIG, Wales – A lock of braided hair found inside a ring inscribed “C. Brontë” has been deemed “very likely” to have been the hair of the famous author Charlotte Brontë, according to the Guardian.

The ring was reportedly appraised on the latest episode of Antiques Roadshow, filmed in Erddig, north Wales, by expert Geoffrey Munna.

The unidentified woman told Munn said the ring belonged to her late father-in-law.

Munn said there was little reason to doubt the ring’s authenticity because such commemorative jewelry was common during the 19th century; Brontë died in 1855.

Woman finds ring filled with Charlotte Brontë's hair, is now $26,000 richer

— Jezebel (@Jezebel) April 16, 2019

Principle curator at the Brontë society and Brontë Parsonage Museum Ann Dinsdale said the ring would make a “lovely addition” to the museum’s collection, assuming they could afford it.

According to Jezebel, the ring by itself would have been worth around $28 if it didn’t belong to the author of “Jane Eyre.” But, because even historians and jewelry experts said they had no reason to doubt the jewelry’s authenticity, the ring’s worth is reportedly closer to $26,000.


Israeli flight attendant in coma after getting measles

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KFAR SABA, Israel – An Israeli flight attendant has slipped into a coma after contracting measles, according to health officials.

The 43-year-old woman has encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain, a well-known and potentially deadly complication of the virus. She was otherwise healthy before getting measles.

“She’s been in a deep coma for 10 days, and we’re now just hoping for the best,” said Dr. Itamar Grotto, associate director general of Israel’s Ministry of Health.

The flight attendant, who works for El Al, the Israeli national airline, might have contracted the virus in New York, in Israel or on a flight between the two, Grotto said. Health authorities do not believed that she spread the virus to anyone on the flights.

She’s unable to breathe on her own and on a respirator in the intensive care unit at Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba, near Tel Aviv.

She developed a fever March 31 and entered the hospital that same day.

Ongoing measles outbreaks in the United States and Israel started with parents who’ve chosen not to vaccinate their childrenaccording to health authorities. Authorities believe that the flight attendant was vaccinated as a child, but the vaccine isn’t perfect, and in her case, it didn’t work.

“I knew this was going to happen sooner or later,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University and an adviser to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on vaccines. “We have the reintroduction of a serious viral infection with a population that’s withholding the vaccine from their children, and now it’s spreading beyond that population.”

One dose of vaccine not optimal

Like many others of her generation around the world, the flight attendant, who has not been identified, received only one dose of the measles vaccine when she was a child.

It wasn’t discovered until later that one dose is only about 93% effective. More recently — in the United States, starting in 1989 — children have been given two doses, which is about 97% effective, according to the CDC.

It’s not known why most people who get measles recover fully while others have devastating complications.

About 1 out of every 1,000 children who gets measles will develop encephalitis, according to the CDC. This can lead to convulsions and leave a child deaf or with an intellectual disability.

Additionally, 1 or 2 out of 1,000 US children who get measles will die from it. Worldwide, the illness is fatal in 1 or 2 out of every 100 children.

No fatalities have been reported in the United States from measles this year or last year. In Israel, a toddler and an elderly woman died last year of the disease. In the European Union, 35 people died of the disease in 2018, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Measles in Israel

There have been 3,920 cases of measles in Israel from March 2018 through April 11, said Grotto, who is also a professor of epidemiology and public health at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

In the United States, there have been fewer than 1,000 cases in about the same time period.

In Europe, there were 34,383 cases of measles based on data reported to the World Health Organization from April of last year to April of this year.

Ukraine had the highest number of cases in the past 12 months, with more than 72,000, followed by Madagascar and India with more than 69,000 and 60,000 cases, respectively. WHO warned that there are delays in reporting and that this data may be incomplete.

Grotto said there was a surge of cases in Israel last fall when large numbers of ultra-Orthodox Israelis traveled to Ukraine on a religious pilgrimage during the Jewish New Year. Ukraine has had more than 72,000 measles cases this year, more than any other country, according to the World Health Organization.

About 85% to 90% of Israeli measles cases have been among ultra-Orthodox Jews, Grotto said.

There’s nothing in Judaism that teaches against vaccination; on the contrary, rabbis encourage vaccination in keeping with Jewish teachings on protecting your health and the health of others.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews tend to have large families, and Grotto said those who don’t vaccinate tend to have practical, not ideological, reasons.

“Sometimes, they vaccinate their first or second child, but with so many children, they don’t always have time to vaccinate them all,” he said. “They’re not against vaccines. They have nothing against them ideologically.”

To turn the tide in the outbreak, Israeli public health authorities have increased vaccine clinic hours, opened mobile clinics in religious neighborhoods and taken out ads in newspapers in religious communities.

Memphis teen honored as youngest person ever to build nuclear reactor

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis city leaders honored a teenager who became the youngest person to ever build a nuclear reactor.

On Tuesday, the City Council recognized 14-year-old Jackson Oswalt with a resolution honoring the teen for his accomplishments.

“Not only did Jackson spend his 12th year assembling parts to create nuclear fusion at home, he developed this project through experimental trial and error, given no blueprints for nuclear fusion exist for pre-teens, let alone adults,” Chairman Kemp Conrad said. “Remarkable accomplishment, and beyond that feat, Jackson is establishing a fund to ensure imaginative youth scientists are not impeded by a lack of financial resources to fulfill their dreams.”

Oswalt was just 12 years old when he was able to achieve nuclear fusion. He built the device using vacuums, pumps and chambers he purchased on eBay.

Amateur physicists verified his findings.

Boy thrown over Mall of America balcony ‘continuing to fight’ as donations pour in

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MINNEAPOLIS – People have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help a 5-year-old boy in critical condition after police say a 24-year-old man threw him over the third-floor railing at the Mall of America in Minnesota last week.

As of Tuesday evening, creators of a GoFundMe effort have raised more than $700,000 for the 5-year-old boy, and a small mountain of toys and stuffed animals at the mall continues to grow, WCCO reports.

The fundraising team identified the boy by his first name, Landen, saying he is “the sweetest kindest 5 year old you will ever meet.” Landen is reportedly still in critical condition but is “continuing to fight his courageous battle.”

Related: Man accused of throwing 5-year-old off mall balcony went there to kill an adult, complaint says

The man accused of throwing him over the railing, Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, appeared in court Tuesday and faces a charge of attempted pre-meditated murder.

Aranda’s uncle, who said his nephew has a history of mental problems, told WCCO he and his family are praying for Landen’s family and called the incident “gut-wrenching.”

The 5-year-old’s family is requesting privacy but are grateful “for all of the prayers, love and support,” according to an update posted to the GoFundMe page Monday, that added:

During my most recent visit with Landen, holding his hand revealed a calm and warm aura in his room, one that likely is contributed from all of the immense outpouring of prayer and support from everyone across the globe. His condition has very little change at this point, but we are hoping to get some good news back from some upcoming tests in the next few days.

The gruesome case has stunned Minnesotans, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said.

“That a child, with his mother, at a safe public area like a mall, could be violently attacked for no reason is chilling for everyone,” Freeman said. “We charged Mr. Aranda with the most severe crime that the evidence allowed.”

Aranda allegedly threw the boy from the third level of the mall’s interior to the first-level floor, nearly 40 feet below.

Police said Aranda ran away, but was found in the mall’s transit station and arrested.

The boy, who has not been publicly identified, remains in critical condition, his family said in a statement through the Bloomington Police Department.

“The family sincerely appreciates the outpouring of support from the community,” the statement said. “Please respect their great need and desire for privacy.”

Police: The suspect said he wanted to kill an adult

According to a criminal complaint, the boy and his mother were outside the Rain Forest Café when Aranda came up close to them.

The mother had never seen Aranda before, and she asked if she and her son should move.

Instead, Aranda picked up the boy and threw him over the railing, the complaint states.

Aranda told police he had come to the mall a day earlier intending to kill an adult, but that did not “work out,” according to the complaint.

So he returned Friday and chose the boy instead.

Aranda told police he knew what he was planning to do was wrong. He explained he had visited the mall for years, trying to speak to women there, but they rejected him. Aranda said that made him lash out.

Suspect had been banned from the mall

Court records show Aranda had been banned from the mall for about a year in mid-2015. He was convicted of two misdemeanors stemming from incidents there in 2015.

Aranda was charged in July 2015 with causing damage inside stores after he threw items off the upper level of the mall to the lower level, court records obtained by CNN affiliate WCCO show.

Three months later, he was accused of throwing glasses of ice water and tea at a woman in a restaurant at the mall after she refused to buy him food, the records show.

In that incident, he got into a scuffle with the manager of the restaurant, sending panicked diners fleeing, court records show.

Police have also encountered Aranda at a Minneapolis library. In August 2015, witnesses saw Aranda smashing computers at the library, causing about $5,000 in damage, according to a 2015 complaint.

Officers found him at a bus stop across the street and arrested him without incident.

In that case, Aranda told authorities he got “angry after he read something on the Facebook.” So he smashed five computers, screens and keyboards, court records show, citing a recorded statement.

“He said he has some anger issues and told the officer that it does not happen all the time,” the complaint states.

CNN Wire contributed to this report.

Pickle people, prepare yourselves: Vlasic releases pickle chips made from actual pickles

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ST. LOUIS - Vlasic has a new treat coming for pickle lovers.

You may have tried pickle-flavored chips before, but now you can enjoy the crispy pickle snack without the extra carbs.

Vlasic is releasing pickle chips made from actual pickles, the crispy wafers are thinly sliced and vacuum fried. They said the salty snack is virtually carb and calorie free.

There's no word yet on when the chips will hit the shelves.

Ohio trooper rescues human trafficking victim during highway traffic stop

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LUCAS COUNTY, Ohio – Ohio State Highway Patrolman Mitch Ross made a traffic stop Tuesday that may have saved a life.

According to OSHP, Trooper Ross stopped a driver for a failure to move over violation on I-80 west in Lucas County.

He noticed a young female in the vehicle riding with an adult male.

According to a press release, the 35-year-old driver had “forced her to perform acts” on him. An investigation determined the female passenger was 15.

Troopers said the victim had been reported missing in New Jersey and was being taken to Chicago.

She is now receiving medical care, though she has not been identified.

The driver faces charges for abduction and is being held in Lucas County Jail.

Stop letting your kids stare at iPads in restaurants, science says

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Editor’s note: Go Ask Your Dad is parenting advice with a philosophical bent as one dad explores what we want out of life, for ourselves and our children, through useful paradigms and best practices. Share your insight at the CNN Parenting Facebook page.

(CNN) — I try to be restrained in my judgments of other parents. We have so many obligations and pressures when it comes to parental duties that it’s probably more detrimental to kids if their parents are further stressed by worrying that they’re doing it all wrong.

I think of this column as a gut check — encouraging some self-awareness and experimentation to see whether you can find something that improves your relationship with your kids or makes parenting easier or more enjoyable. For the most part, I believe that parents know what’s best for their kids.

But I find it hard to maintain this objectivity in one specific area: When I see parents in restaurants with their kid(s) zoned out on an iPad or phone, I start to get judgy.

I definitely appreciate the need for breaks from parenting, the desire to have a peaceful meal and adult conversation, and the need to find solutions when kids act up in public. But iPads in restaurants are not the solution to those problems. And not spending time communicating during meals can contribute to other problems down the road.

Two areas of research back me up on this.

First, a large number of studies investigate the positive mental and physical benefits of frequent screenless family meals. They show that the amount of time kids spend together during family meals is strongly correlated with academic achievement, fewer behavioral problems, less obesity and reduced rates of teen smoking, drinking and drug use.

Another area of inquiry has uncovered potentially damaging effects of too much screen time for young children. “Childhood screen-time has increased over the years,” write the authors of a study published Wednesday, and it “has been associated with unhealthy dietary patterns, poor sleep quality, cardiovascular disease, and obesity in children.”

In this new research — analyzing thousands of Canadian preschool children — scientists found that when the kids spent more time in front of iPads, computers, TVs and mobile phones, they experienced increasing levels of “clinically significant inattention problems” as well as other ADHD-type behavior issues. When the amount of daily screen time increased from 30 minutes to more than two hours a day, the problems multiplied by at least five times.

A similar study, published just a few months ago, found that spending a lot of time staring at screens is linked with poorer performance on developmental screening tests later in childhood.

Screens during meals rob kids of opportunities to improve language and communication skills (storytelling, making jokes, etc.), as well as to develop patience and even imagination as they entertain themselves waiting for food to arrive.

Meals are an opportunity to connect, to learn more about and enjoy each other. They solidify the bonds that will pay dividends for the rest of our lives. We squander that opportunity when we stick a screen in front of our kids during dinner.

Of course, we all want to have enjoyable family meals, which is why I love Bruce Feiller’s book “The Secrets of Happy Families,” in which he devotes an entire chapter to ways to make them fun and meaningful for everyone — such as “fill in the blank” sentences you make up. Sharing something good and something challenging makes for engaging conversations, too. And I’ve had fun playing Uno with my daughters until the food arrives in a restaurant. “The game you’re going to try during your next family meal is ____________.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics also offers guidelines to help families manage children’s screen time. The academy recommends avoiding digital media for children under 2, except for video-chatting, and limiting screen time to just one hour a day of high-quality programming for children ages 2 to 5.

Fundamentally, we all benefit from more human connection, not less — and that’s especially true for children. Schools, airplane trips, most jobs, games, even “social” interaction were all once done without screens but now are filled with them. And while we have gained some advantages, including new connections, we have lost something fundamental, as well.

Less is always more when it comes it screens, even if they are effective at keeping kids quiet. But soon after complaining that they are “bored,” kids have a natural tendency to fill the screenless void with creative games, art, exploration and conversation. There are no studies that warn against having too many hours of those activities.

Let’s all work harder to keep family meals special by ditching the iPads and nourishing our personal connections as we nourish our bodies.


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