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Q- Where is i-connect you available?

A- i-connect you is available throughout much of southeast Iowa including areas of Burlington, West Burlington, Fort Madison and Keokuk. Please contact us for availability in your area.


Q- Are there any start up or installation fees?

A- Dependent on your location and specific requirements, there may be installation fees that vary. Please Contact us for a consultation.


Q- I have a business, what speeds do you offer and what is the cost?

A- There are no pre-set service plans, we will customize a plan from 2MB to 1GB that specifically fits your needs.


Q- Am I limited in the amount of data that I can upload or download?

A- No, i-connect you provides UNLIMITED data service.


Q- How many computers can be using the service at one time?

A- In most cases you may use as many computers or devices as you wish.



CALL - 1-800-330-9326


VISIT - 102 South Main Street, Danville, IA


  • High Speed Fiber Optic Internet Solutions for both small and large business
  • Pricing and Service is customized to fit your specific needs
  • Cloud Computing
  • Voice Services

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